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As a graphic designer and illustrator specializing in fantasy art. My passion lies in bringing creatures of all kinds to life and creating visual narratives that ignite the imagination. My greatest skill is my boundless imagination, which allows me to craft enchanting worlds with a touch of naivety and love. Through my unique style, I blend vibrant colors, delicate lines, and whimsical elements to transport viewers into realms filled with wonder and magic.

Let´s jump into a journey where dreams take flight and imagination knows no limits!


Your Role Character USD 20
your full color role playing character,
Social media Icons USD 25
I will draw and design some icons for your social media that brings joy and magic to your feed
Commission Art USD 100
Full color illustrated Scene for collectors and enthusiasts of fantasy art
Custom illustration USD 100
Let's craft a unique and customized illustration for gifts, tattoos, or other special projects.


La familia conejo
Bookmark/ EX LIBRIS USD 20
I Will design a special bookmark or an Ex Libris just for you!
Single Illustration USD 100
Full color illustrated Scene
Book Cover USD 300
Illustrated and designed with all my elven powers, you will get the file ready to print!
Book Illustrations PACK USD 800
10 full-color illustrations + cover + Optional: File with the complete book ready to print!
Book Collection PACK USD 700
Want to make a collection of books? this is the perfect choice! The price of each book includes 10 full-color illustrations + cover

*The collection pack must have at least 3 books 


la Sombra de Rune -lineage 2-stickers-eamanelf-light -elf-dwarf-dark-elf
WhatsApp Stickers x 8 USD 30
8 cute stickers to be the envy of your WhatsApp!
Personal card as a Sticker! USD 30
Forget those old school personal cards and lets create together a cool sticker to share your business and marketplace!


Tarot and Oracles

Enjoy the experience of bringing to life your own deck

Single Card USD 95
Do you want just one card? Don´t worry! I will draw a single Tarot or Oracle Card
Oracle design PACK USD 750
Up to 50 illustrated cards + simple box + graphic design included, you will get the files ready to print!
Tarot design PACK USD 1200
Up to 78 illustrated cards + simple box + graphic design included, you will get the files ready to print too!
Instructive Manual TBD
A booklet with the card meanings and reading instructions

More Fantasy Illustration Services

Character Illustration
Designing and drawing fantastic characters, whether heroes, heroines, villains, mythical creatures, or magical beings.
Scene and Landscape Illustration
Crafting detailed landscapes and environments that transport viewers to imaginary worlds.
Concept Art:
Creating conceptual art for video games, movies, or multimedia projects to help visualize the worlds and characters that will be part of the narrative.
Advertising Illustrations
Developing illustrations for advertising campaigns, event promotion, and fantasy-related product promotion.
Comic coloring (page)
Coloring pages of a defined comic
Comic Illustration (panel)
Producing fantasy comics that narrate epic and entertaining stories with captivating artwork.
Custom Project
The perfect choice for the ones that have a very specific project and needs, feel free to chat with me and clear all your doubts.

Creative Consultation

Creative Consultation session USD 30
60 minutes session where I will be Providing guidance and creative advice to authors, writers, and creators in conceptualizing their fantasy projects and designing a path to follow in order to grow their brand or project

Common Questions

How much time take the Comission order?
Around 10 days
How much time take the Book order?
Between 45-50 days since I received the texts and sizes.
Do you sign any contract for the books?
depends on your needs! if you need it we can sign an agreement via DocuSign
Can I make merchandising with the characters?
You can make promotional merchandising with the characters, but if you want to sell merchandising, we will have to make an commercial licence of the character as the law indicates.
Which payments ways do you offer?
Paypal, and USDT transfer via Binance, for the moment I only work with prepayments
What do you need to start a project?
I need to talk with you or your team, and then make a path to follow, once everything is ready and the payment made, I will start working in the project.
Do you work with companies too?
Under contract, if you want to know more, please feel free to send me an email to hello@eamanelf.com

Let´s Work together!

My art is naive, ethereal, and whimsical, so if you feel that I fit perfectly for your project…

Do not hesitate to ask! Even if you need to adjust your budget, or if you are not sure about what you need.  

Don’t leave your dream project apart, I’m here to bring it to life in the most beautiful way!

Enjoying the process!

Ready to start working together?
send me an email to hello@eamanelf.com and Let´s Rock!